Cross-Country Skiing

    Trails in or near town:  
    Trails west of town (up Piedra Road / CR 600):

    Trails west of town (west on Hwy 160):

    Trails north of town (up Hwy 160):


    Alberta Park at Wolf Creek Ski Area


    Several organizations groom cross-country ski trails:
    • The Wolf Creek Trailblazers, the local snowmobile club, grooms several additional forest roads near Pagosa Springs for multi-use access.  Ski skaters share these trails.  When conditions are right, these routes provide many miles of beautiful skiing.
    Caution:  While most snowmobile drivers are cautious and respectful, skiers and snowshoers should move to the side early when they hear a snowmobile approaching.  Some may travel at high speeds on these groomed trails.