Coyote Hill Nordic Loops


The Coyote Hill Nordic Loops are easily accessible from Pagosa Springs.  The parking and trailhead are 6.25 miles up Piedra Road from Hwy 160 -- where the asphalt ends (just across the road from the Turkey Springs trailhead).
The grooming of these trails is currently being championed by the U.S. Forest Service.  If you know any local forest service personnel, tell them how much you appreciate their involvement and support of non-motorized trails.
The loops currently groomed incorporate about 11 kilometers (7 miles) of trails.  The trail signage is excellent and the trails are marked from easiest, more difficult and most difficult.  Some of the trails are marked one-way only, so be alert to trail signs.
This can be a challenging course with uphills and downhills.  If you view yourself as a beginner x-country skier, you might consider taking the first loop to the left a short distance from the parking area (Winter Camp Trail), and not going up and over the hill.

Coyote Hill Parking

 You should be able to zoom in and out and navigate within the above Google map to find directions.