Plumtaw Road (CR 634)

The groomed, skatable part of Plumtaw Road is 16.4 miles in length.  Skiers can access Plumtaw Road from either the north or south end.  This means you can arrange a shuttle and do the whole length, or you can start at either end and go in and back out.
To get to the north trailhead, turn onto Piedra Road from Hwy 160.  After 12.9 miles, turn right on McManis Road and drive to the end of the plowed road.  Don't despair if Plumtaw Road doesn't look groomed:  the groomed surface usually begins half a mile up.
To get to the south trailhead, drive north out of Pagosa Springs on Four-Mile Road to the end of the plowed section (about 9 miles).  There is a large parking lot here used by folks who commute by snowmobile to their homes in Lost Valley.  Don't despair by the first .2 mile climb up to the road ... or even by the next mile which will have a lot of commuter snowmobile tracks.  After this 1.2 mile beginning, there is a fork in the road:  turn left onto Plumtaw Road.
The TOPO! map marks an approximate midpoint (and high point) for this route.  There is over 2000' of total ascent coming in from the north end to this midpoint (8.5 miles).  There is about 1370' of total ascent coming in from the south to the same midpoint (7.9 miles).
Click "Terrain" or "Satellite" onthe Google map below for different views of this route.  You should be able to zoom in and out and manipulate the map to find directions to the trailheads.

Plumtaw Road


 Hint:  Click the "Play" button after it loads.
A TOPO! map is also attached in PDF format (below) to provide more detail and make it easy to print out a copy to take with you.
Plumtaw Road is groomed by the Trailblazers Snowmobile Club.  Please see the WEB site of the Colorado Snowmobile Association for updates.

Tom Steen,
Jan 16, 2010, 4:25 PM