Cade Mountain II Trail Network

The trail notes below describe one route through the Cade Mountain Network of trails.  It is recommended that you become familiar with the "Cade Mountain Introduction" routes before doing this route.  This is a more technical route that requires a "heads up," explorer mind set.  Some of the trails are game trails that require you to pay close attention to be able to follow.  This network appeals to local bikers when the lower elevation trails get hot and dusty.  The Cade Mountain network of trails starts at about 8500 feet and tops out at about 9300 feet in elevation.  It usually stays quite green and cool throughout the summer.


Be aware that this route does not have any directional signage.  This is a local “social trail.”  Go there with a Boy Scout mindset:  be prepared with map, compass,
GPS, extra clothing, cell phone, water and whatever else you’ll need to stay safe in the forest.

Driving Instructions to Cade Mountain:  

At the westernmost of the two stoplights in downtown Pagosa Springs (by the Subway), turn north onto Lewis Street and then immediately left again onto N. 5th Street.  5th Street becomes 4-Mile Rd/CR 400.  Drive up this road for 8.9 miles to a fork in the road:  Plumtaw Rd. (USFS 661) going left and 4-Mile Rd. (CR 400) going right. 

To get to the Plumtaw Road Trailhead, turn left at the above junction for 1.9 miles.  Park off the road on the left.  The trail starts across the road on the right (see Google Map at the right).

Trail Notes for the Cade Mountain II Route:

(Note:  these notes are also available for printing in a PDF file, below.)

  1. Ride 1.91 miles from point “A” to point “B” (going through point “K”). This is the old USFS Road 634-G.
  2. Trail turns left (Elk Pond Crossover) which takes you to the East-Side Road at point “E.”
  3. At mile 2.5 you reach the East Side Road.  Turn left.
  4. At mile 2.85 you come to a fork (remember this point because you will return to it later.  Take the left fork for now.
  5. At mile 3.97 the trail takes a left turn off the main trail.  This is point “G” on the map.  The trail may not be really obvious; look for cuts through logs.
  6. At mile 4.63 you reach the top of Cade Mountain.  Don’t expect a sharp, peaked summit.  The high point is a small, open meadow where the trail finally stops climbing. 
  7. Turn left in the meadow and go downhill.  You quickly come to a fork in the trail.  Go left and follow the trail as it completes a loop.
  8. At mile 5.8 you return to the trail you were on earlier at point “J”.  Turn right and descend the way you came up.
  9. At mile 6.71 you return to the junction you passed going up (step 4, above).  Turn left.
  10.  At mile 6.98 take a sharp left (there is a game trail going straight ahead; don’t take it).
  11.  Descend a sweet singletrack until you reach Four-mile Road at mile 7.28.
  12.  You can return to your vehicle by following Four-mile Road to the corner with Plumtaw Road and turn right, or you can get on the Dutton Ditch Trail at point “F” and follow it for three miles to Plumtaw Road.  Turn right on Plumtaw Road to return to your vehicle.

The map below show the Trailhead locations for the Plumtaw Road accessing the Cade Mountain Network of Trails.

Note:  You should be able to manipulate the Google map, below, to zoom in, click and drag, and see different terrain and satellite images.

Plumtaw Road Trailhead

Note:  To download and print the map below (and/or the route instructions) see the attached PDF files at the bottom of this page.


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