Jackson Mountain Lollipop

This route incorporates both singletrack and existing jeep roads to create a "lollipop" from the Hwy 160 side of Jackson Mountain to its summit.



Directions to the trailhead:  Turn off Hwy 160 (east of Pagosa Springs) onto Jackson Mountain Road (USFS 037).  Drive about a mile and park at the first double-track road going left.


Mile:            Trail Notes:   

Mile 0.0        Ride down the double-track turning left off Jackson Mountain Road for 1.4 miles.

Mile 1.4        Turn right onto singletrack for about 1.25 miles.  At one point you will see a long meadow (Laughlin Park) and a metal gate in front of you.  Make a hard left at this point and stay on the singletrack.  At a junction with another trail coming down from your right, stay left.

Mile 2.65      Intersect a jeep road / doubletrack.  Turn right for about .85 miles.  Pay attention to this junction so you will recognize it on your return trip.

Mile 3.5        Watch for a singletrack exiting on your left in a small meadow.  Follow this uphill for a little over a quarter mile until you intersect another jeep road / doubletrack.  Again, pay attention to this junction so you will recognize it on your return trip.  Turn left and follow this road for about a mile to its end.  Look for a singletrack continuing off the end of the road.

Mile 4.4        Follow the singletrack continuing on after the road ends.  You will climb up to the summit of Jackson Mountain.  Stop there for a deserved break and to enjoy the view.  Then continue straight along the ridge following the singletrack until it turn right and descends.

Mile 6.5        Intersect a jeep road / doubletrack.  Turn right for .1 miles (1/10 of a mile) and turn left onto the short singletrack you climbed earlier.

Continue retracing your route back to your vehicle at a little over 10 miles.


To download and print the map below and/or the route instructions (notes) use the download links below



Be aware that the "Jackson Mountain Lollipop" route does not have any directional signage.  This is a local “social trail.”  Go there with a Boy Scout mindset:  be prepared with map, compass, 
GPS, extra clothing, cell phone, water and whatever else you’ll need to stay safe in the forest.