Turkey Springs - Brockover Mesa "Everything"

Several people have asked for a map which shows all of the mountain bike / running trails in the Turkey Springs - Brockover Mesa area.  

The attached map shows most of the single track being used.  Not included is an ATV trail, trails west of Turkey Springs Road, and some trails not yet used regularly.

It may help get a perspective on the "Big Picture" for those following the other mapped routes, or who are just out there exploring.  

If you are not already familiar with these trails, it is recommended that you follow the different route maps and directions for trails originating at gate five.

Be aware that none of the trails on this map have any directional signage.  These are local “social trails.”  

Go there with a Boy Scout mindset:  be prepared with map, compass, GPS, extra clothing, cell phone, water and whatever else you’ll need to stay safe in the forest.

Tom Steen,
Nov 12, 2010, 10:08 AM