The Best of Brockover

Download the attached Topo! map and trail notes (at bottom of this page) which you can print out and bring with you on The Best of Brockover trail.

Steep prolonged climbs.  Steep, prolonged (if you are lucky) descents.  That pretty well summarizes most mountain biking in the Rockies.

If you want a break from that, but still want some interesting and scenic single track, This “Best of Brockover” loop may be just what you are looking for.

The trail head is only a few miles outside Pagosa Springs. Starting elevation of 7550 feet, this fairly flat, meandering trail only climbs 600 feet – to a high point of 8150 feet – over the first seven miles.  It then drops into a long, winding, shallow descent with plenty of tight, smooth corners to keep you paying attention. 

Plan to make this a leisurely ride so you have time to look around.  It is a very scenic trail with views of open Ponderosa forest glades, lush swale bottoms, rocky canyon rims, and long views of the continental divide.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for the full 15 ½ mile ride, this figure-eight loop pieces together a network of shorter loops.  See other routes in the Turkey Springs area.  Explore and create your own route to fit your schedule and mood.


0.0                          Start at Gate 5.  (See Google map at right) Within first 100 yards (50 yards?  … Don’t overshoot it) take one of two trails crossing the drainage/wash on your left.  (Hint:  The second trail is an easier ascent.)  Don’t be intimidated by this tricky start:  this is the most technical part of the whole ride.  Walk at the start and ride pain free the rest of the day. Follow the “Boy Scout Trail” along the Martinez Canyon rim heading south. 

2.45                        Arrive at “tee” intersection with the “Martinez Spur Trail.”  Turn left.  Follow the trail .7 mile down the hill to the edge of a rocky stream bed.

2.52                  Don’t cross the rocky stream bed, but continue straight ahead (right turn?) onto the “Creek Trail” single track.  This will follow the right side of the creek bed going west.

3.0                           Arrive at “tee” intersection with the “Silk Thread Trail.”  Turn hard left.  Follow trail .14 mile across rocky stream bed and up the hill to the edge of a large meadow.

3.14                  Take a hard right onto “Round Park Trail” at the top of the hill before entering the meadow.  Follow this trail up to a wire fence gate. 

3.25                  Arrive at fence with wire gate.  Go through the gate (CLOSING IT BEHIND YOU!) and continue on the trail angling left.

3.75                  Arrive at Round Park (marshy pond with cattails).  The trail continues west with Round Park on your left and intersects and joins an old logging road heading northwest.

4.49                        Arrive at a rock cairn in old logging road.  Turn onto single track.

4.60                  Arrive at wire gate in fence.  Go through the gate (CLOSING IT BEHIND YOU!) and continue on the trail angling left. 

4.74                  Arrive at “Clinton’s Climb,” a short, steep uphill that most will choose to push their bikes up.  (Mike nailed it on his first trip; so it’s rideable if you want a challenge.)

5.46                 Arrive at “tee” intersection with “Elk Run Crossover Trail.”  Turn left.

6.43                 Arrive at “tee” intersection with Brockover Road (FR 919).  Turn right.

6.53                 After one tenth of a mile, turn left onto an old road bed / single track marked with Forest Service carsonite post.

7.09                 Arrive at wire gate in fence.  Go through the gate (CLOSING IT BEHIND YOU!) and continue on the trail straight ahead.

7.97                 Arrive at a “wye” fork in the trail.  Follow the left fork and continue down “Upper Gopher Pond Trail.”

8.87                 Arrive at a “tee” intersection with an ATV trail.  Continue straight ahead across the ATV trail onto single track (“Lower Gopher Pond Trail”).  Continue down the Peterson Gulch valley until trail climbs a hill and angles left over the shoulder of a hill.  Follow single track up the draw coming down from the left.

10.53                Arrive at the top of the ridge and a “tee” intersection with an old road bed.  (Note:  This road bed is hard to see and is only mentioned here because a left turn on this old logging road will quickly take you out to Brockover Road if you need to bail for some reason.)  Continue straight ahead on the single track down the back side of the ridge and into “The Maze.”

11.55                Arrive at wire gate in fence.  Go through the gate (CLOSING IT BEHIND YOU!) and continue on the trail straight ahead.

11.81                Arrive at a “tee” intersection with “MBT.”  Turn right and follow single track to and along the rim overlooking Martinez Creek.

13.13                Arrive at a “tee” intersection with the “Power Line Road.”  Turn left.  You will see the power line in a big meadow on your right.

13.37                Arrive at a trail junction with the “Silk Thread Trail” going to your right.  Turn right and follow the “Silk Thread Trail.”

14.84                Arrive at a junction (where the trail is taking a sweeping turn to your left) with a faint single track turning off to your right.  Take this single track (Silk Thread Cut-off) to the right.

15.10               Arrive at a “tee” intersection with “Lower Newt Jack Road (FR 923).  Turn right.

15.80                     Arrive back at Gate Five.

Turn north off highway 160 onto North Pagosa Blvd.  Drive 3.7 miles.  Look to your left opposite Mockingbird Place to see the forest entry gate #5. 

Gate 5 Trailhead

Best of Brockover Trail Map 
(also attached below as PDF file to enlarge or print out)

Click on the link below if you would like to see this route on Google Maps (including satellite and Google Earth views).

Tom Steen,
Nov 1, 2009, 9:30 PM
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Nov 1, 2009, 9:31 PM