Piedra Road/Taylor Lane Lollipop

The Piedra Road/Taylor Lane Lollipop is a 23.5 mile ride starting from the Turkey Springs trailhead (just past the cattle guard / end of the pavement on Piedra Rd).  There's not any significant climbing on this route; the total ascent over the ride is 1692 feet.  This is a georgeous early spring ride before the summer traffic picks up, and you might face more road dust.
General instructions:
  • Park at the Turkey Springs trailhead, where the asphalt end and yo are entering the San Juan National Forest (about 6.25 miles from the intersection of Piedra Road and Hwy 160).
  • Ride north on Piedra Road (Co Rd 600) for 9.84 miles.  Just after crossing the Piedra River bridge, turn right onto USFS Rd 635.
  • Follow this road for 2.22 miles to the Sportsman's Supply and Campground.  Stop in to say hi and have a cold drink.
  • Take  two left turns just past the Sportsman's Campground and you'll be back on Piedra Rd (Forest Service Rd 631).
  • Continue back on Piedra Road.  You'll cross the Piedra River Bridge again at mile 13.75.
  • After you climb the next hill, take a break at the top and ride down a short dirt track on your right for a great view of the Piedra River canyon.
  • At mile 23.5 you'll arrive back at your vehicle.
  1. If you want to add a short hill climb, turn right on Kleckner Land just south of the Piedra River Bridge.  Take a second right onto McManus Road which will bring you back down to Piedra Rd.
  2. If you want to add a liitle more mileage, continue up up Piedra Rd (Forest Service Rd 631) for another 4 miles.  Turn right onto Forest Service Road 640 for another mile and a half and visit the beautiful Williams Creek Reservoir.
  3. If you are an Über athlete looking for a maga ride, just keep going up Forest Service Rd 631.  It will drop you down into Weminuche Valley, one of the most beautiful vallleys in Colorado, and will bring you up a long climb on the other side of the valley.  You can just keep going and going until you're finally ready to turn around.
Note:  You should be able to manipulate the Google map, below, to zoom in, click and drag, and see different terrain and satellite images. 

Piedra Rd & Taylor Lane Lollipop