Trujillo/Cat Creek Road Loop

The attached Topo Map presents a 50-mile loop beginning at the corner of Pagosa Boulevard and Highway 160, five miles west of the town of Pagosa Springs.  Total ascent over these 50 miles is 3,200 feet.  Bring plenty of water.  There are no Starbucks or convenience stores along most of this route.

Route description: 
  1. Follow South Pagosa Boulevard going south from Hwy 160 for 2.8 miles.
  2. South Pagosa Boulevard becomes Buttress Blvd.  Continue and turn left onto Cascade Ave. at mile 3.8.
  3. Turn right onto Trujillo Road (County Road 500) at mile 4.8.
  4. Turn right onto Cat Creek Road (County Road 700) at about mile 26.
  5. Continue on Cat Creek Road for 16.83 miles to Robbers Roost
  6. Turn right on Robbers Roost until it intersect Hwy 160.
  7. Turn right onto Hwy 160 and return eight miles to your start point.

Begin Trujillo/Cat Creek Road Loop

See the route on the TOPO! map attached below.

Tom Steen,
Nov 4, 2009, 9:27 PM