Trujillo / Navajo Lake Loop

The attached Topo Map presents a 69-mile loop beginning at the corner of Pagosa Boulevard and Highway 160, five miles west of the town of Pagosa Springs.  

You can also start this ride from Pagosa Springs by driving south on Trujillo Road.

This route follows the San Juan River to the point it enters Navajo Lake.  About 40 miles of the loop described below is on gravel roads.  The rest is on asphalt.

Route description:  
  1. Follow South Pagosa Boulevard going south from Hwy 160 for 2.8 miles.
  2. South Pagosa Boulevard becomes Buttress Blvd.  Continue and turn left onto Cascade Ave. at mile 3.8.
  3. Turn right onto Trujillo Road (County Road 500) at mile 4.8.
  4. Follow Trujillo Road to its junction with Hwy 151 at mile 42.5.
  5. Turn right on Hwy 151 and continue to the junction with Hwy 160 at mile 57.
  6. Turn right on Hwy 160 and return to the start at mile 69.