Trujillo/Montezuma/Coyote Park Road Loop

The route described here begins in Pagosa Springs.  Park by Yamaguchi Park on S. 5th Street, just east of Pagosa Springs High School sports fields.  This loop is 45.5 miles long (but can be easily extended if you want a longer ride) and has 3020 feet of total ascent.

Route directions:
  1. From Yamaguchi Park, ride north  and take the first left on Apache Street.
  2. Apache Street becomes Trujillo Road (CR 500).
  3. At mile 14.4, turn left onto Montezuma Road (CR 542)
  4. At mile 25.2 you arrive at a "T" junction with Coyote Park Road.  Turn left .
  5. Ride 4.2 miles north on Coyote Park Road until you intecept Hwy 84 (mile 29.4).
  6. Turn left and ride 13.4 miles to Light Plant Road (mile 42.8)
  7. Turn left on Light Plant Road and ride a couple more mles to Apache Road.
  8. Turn left, go over the bridge and turn left onto 5th street and return to your vehicle.
See the Topo! map below for an overview of this route.

To create a longer route, at step 4, above, turn right.  Follow Coyote Park Rd. until you cross over the Navajo River.  Turn left onto Edith Road (CR 391) and ride straight until you intercept Hwy 84.  Turn left and return to town.

Apache St & S 5th St

Tom Steen,
Nov 5, 2009, 8:26 PM