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West Fork Fire Complex Information

Date:  June 20, 2013

There are two forest fires burning North of Pagosa Springs that have closed some roads and trails in the area.  For up to date information on the closures, please visit the Archuleta County Emergency Information website:

Public Open House Planned on Turkey Springs Trail Management Plan

Date: Sep 15, 2010  
The public is invited to an open house on the development of a Trail Management Plan for the Turkey Springs area of the San Juan National Forest. The open house will be held on Tuesday, September 28th at the Pagosa Springs Community Center. The public may drop by any time between 5 and 8 p.m. to visit with Forest Service representatives, view maps, and obtain information on the project and planning process.
The Forest Service is in the process of soliciting public comments on issues to be studied to assist in the development of the Turkey Springs Trail Management Plan and associated Environmental Assessment. The proposal includes designations of trails open to summer motorized and non-motorized uses within a 60,000-acre analysis area of the San Juan National Forest northwest of Pagosa Springs.
The project will address recreation opportunities and existing problems relating to the network of system and non-system trails in the Turkey Springs, Middle Mountain, Horse Mountain, and Devil Mountain areas, including underserved user groups, fragmented trail systems, proliferation of user-created routes, user-group conflicts, safety concerns, and unwanted impacts to forest resources. The purpose of this project is to establish a trail system that will enhance and improve recreation opportunities in the analysis area in a manner that is both socially and ecologically sustainable.
Several changes are proposed to the existing road and trail system, including the designation of summer trails open to non-motorized uses only, trails open to motorcycles, and trails open to vehicles 50” or less in width. In addition, the proposal includes the formalization of some non-system routes, changes to current trail designations, designation of open and closed roads to trails, and new construction.
Public comments should be submitted in writing by no later than Wednesday, October 20, 2010. Comments can be mailed to: San Juan National Forest, Attn: Paul Blackman, P.O. Box 310 Pagosa Springs, CO 81147. Public comments will be used to identify issues and develop alternatives.
The draft environmental assessment is expected to be available by the spring of 2011, with a decision prior to the summer recreation season. For more information, please contact Paul Blackman at (970) 264-1505 or by email at

July 2, 2010:  A new map and set of route instructions has been added to Pagosa Trails. This adds a more technical option after your have done the "Cade Mountain Introduction."  Follow this link for more details:

June 30, 2010:  Following is a report of recent activities of the Pagosa Area Trails Council (PATC):

The Piedra Stock Driveway is one of Pagosa's historical trails used by sheep farmers and had for all practical purposes disappeared. It had been neglected for may years and was in some areas completely overgrown.

In the fall of last year, we cut out, cleared and marked the Northern segment of FT 583 that runs from the junction of FR 631 (Piedra Road) and FR 640 (road to Williams Creek reservoir) to the Piedra River trail FT 596.

About two weeks ago we finished doing the same on the Southern segment that runs from Monument Park Road East (FR 630 E) to the Piedra River Trail (FT 596). The total distance of both segments is approx. 13 miles.

The nice thing about this trail is that it can be accessed from FR 631, FR 639 F, the Piedra River trail and Monument Park Road East (FR 630 E), which allows people to select the distances they want to hike, bike or whatever. The Northern segment to the boundary between Hinsdale and Archuleta Counties is single track motorized and so are the first 1.25 miles commencing at FR 630 E. The rest is non-motorized. The trail is suitable for hikers, equestrians and bikers, although for bikers there are a couple of fairly steep and rocky segments.

June 29, 2010:  We all owe a debt of gratitude to the San Juan Back Country Horsemen (SJBCH) for the volunteer work they do clearing trails.  For your information, here is a recent SJBCH trail report:  

"Rode the Little Blanco Trail Fri. 6-25-10  Trail in very good cond. only removed 4-6 deadfalls.  The slide area  has 2 big snow drifts approx. 2/3 of the way across. Hikers are crossing it on the way to Quartz lake, but dangerous for horses, hard snow & ice. I turned back at that point."   

"Rode Quartz Ridge Trail Sun. 6-27-10  Trail is now open to the river, approx. 2.5-3 miles in.  Cut 15-18 deadfalls out, but had to ride around several trees that are to large to cut.  They are in the wilderness area. Cut new trail around 2 of them. The trail has a washed out area along side the river approx. 3 miles in that will need some shovel & pick work. I turned back at that point."

June 19, 2010:  Pagosa Trails has just added a local favorite mountain bike ride: Snowball Creek to the top of Jackson Mountain. The snow runoff is lessoning, so fording Snowball Creek is possible ... although you'll still get your shoes wet unless you take them off and wade. If you haven't ridden the single-track descent off Jackson Mountain yet, you're missing one of the most fun downhills in our area:

June 14, 2010:  "Yet Another Great Route" in the Turkey Springs mountain bike playground has been added to Pagosa Trails. See link below for details:

May 30, 2010:  Pagosa Trails continues to identify and map trails being used by local riders and runners.  The latest addition is a 12.45 mile loop known as the "Corncob Loop."  You can see photos, maps and trail notes/instructions at:

May 28, 2010:  Another trail being ridden by local mountain bikers was added to today on Pagosa Trails. The "Happy Meals" part of the route may be one of the most kids-friendly trails in the Turkey Springs area ... which doesn't mean you older folks won't like this "lollipop" route. Click on the following link below for the details.

May 11, 2010:  The mountain bike trails are starting to dry out. The Power Line Trail Loop in the Turkey Springs area has been ridden and is in good shape. This 11.4-mile loop incorporates the dry part of the "Best of Brockover" route. Go ride it! ( ... but first go to the link below to print out a map and route instructions).

May 8, 2010:  San Juan National Forest Roads are starting to dry out. Check the USFS link below to see which roads are now open to motorized travel. Even though all roads are open to non-motorized use, this road report will give you a good idea of the conditions you might face.  Click on the following link for the Pagosa Ranger District Road Conditions Report.

May 3, 2010:  Kayakers, river rafters and white water canoers say they play on the San Juan Mountain snows twice: once on skis/snowboards and a second time on the river -- after the snow melts. A new page on Pagosa Trails provides a link to real-time, USGS river flow information if you are looking for the perfect water level (cubic feet per second) to go paddling.  Click on the following link to go to this river kayaking information:

April 26, 2010:  The snow's melting and the mud is starting to dry up in Pagosa Country. Bikes are coming out of garages, cobwebs brushed off and chains oiled. While waiting for things to dry out, there's some great road biking in the area ... routes have been expanded and updated on Click on the following link to check them out!

April 18, 2010:  A new running trail (Short & Sweet) was posted on Pagosa Trails:

March 11, 2010:  Southwest Colorado Trails Round Table Annual Spring meeting will be on March 16, 2010, 6-8 pm at the San Juan Public Lands Office in Durango.  If you care about shared use of Pagosa's Trails (think increasing demand by motorized vehicles and horses), plan to get involved and have your voice and concerns heard.  Please share this information with others you think may care.  Click here for more agenda information and details. 

February 10, 2010:  You might have noticed a hiatus in grooming reports from the snowmobile club. Their groomer has had mechanical problems that are now repaired. They plan to groom Turkey Springs and Monument Roads tomorrow (Thursday), so by Friday morning it should have set up and be in great shape!

January 26, 2010:  The Trailblazers Snowmobile Club groomed Four-Mile Road and Plumtaw Road today. The weather forecat suggests the possibility of a little snow ... which could make a great ski-skating route even sweeter! See the link below if you are not familiar.
January 15, 2010:  SKI SKATER ALERT!! The Snowmobile groomed Plumtaw Road today and it will be pristine and fast tomorrow morning.
January 13, 2010:  The Trailblazers Snowmobile Club groomed Turkey Springs and Monument Roads today. The report is no snowmobile tracks as of 3:30 this afternoon. With luck there will be a dusting of powder tonight and it'll be an epic skate tomorrow!
January 12, 2010:  The Pagosa Nordic Club groomers worked hard today to groom up in the Turkey Springs area. If you haven't done so, yet, tomorrow may be a great day to check out the Turkey Springs, Brockover, Newt Jack Loop (below).
January 12, 2010:  The Forest Service groomed Coyote Hill today. They are doing an excellent job of keeping those loops in great shape -- wide and smooth. They are exploring adding another loop. Will get that added to the TOPO! map on so you can see what's new.
January 6, 2010:  E. Toner Road was freshly groomed today. Tomorrow could be an epic 18.5-mile skate to the end and back if you can make it..
January 5, 2010:  The Pagosa Nordic Club groomed West Fork Road today. Should be fast tomorrow morning if it doesn't get torn up in the soft afternoon hours today.
January 5, 2010:  The forest service has been working on grooming Coyote Hill Nordic Loops. After a late afternoon groom yesterday, the trails are gorgeous. Big "attaboy" to the forest service!
January 4, 2010:  Reported earlier that Monument Park Road was groomed on January 1. 
Click on the web address below to see photos of that skating trail taken on January 2.
January 4, 2010:  The Trailblazers Snowmobile Club groomed East Fork Road yesterday.  Have added new photos of views from the East Fork Road taken during a ski-skate outing today.  See them!   You'll want to be there!