Chama to Antonito (Cumbres Pass)

Chama, NM, is 50 miles south of Pagosa Springs.
Depending on where you park in Chama, you can easily turn this into a century ride.  The mileage from Chama to Antonito is 48 miles.
One of the great things of out-and back rides like this is that you can ride as far or as long as you want before turning around; you don't HAVE to do the century ride!
This route parallels the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad so you can often see the train chugging up the valley below.  Very colorful!
Great scenery all along this route.  You'll love it when the aspens have turned in the fall. 
Another plus:  the road doesn't reach the summit then immediately plummet back down the other side like so many Rocky Mountain passes.  There is a long, rolling high mountain "plateau" waiting for you after you reach the summit of Cumbres Pass.
As with all high mountain rides, be sure to bring extra foul weather gear:  you never know!
Note:  You should be able to manipulate the Google map, below, to zoom in, click and drag, and see different terrain and satellite images. 

Chama to Antonito